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After a review of the kc home inventory kit, I am thoroughly impressed with the program I received from you.  You put a lot of work and thought into preparing that package and it was a nice surprise.  TS

I am very impressed with the KC Home Inventory business start kit you have designed , it truly goes from a to z with all I need to know to get started - Jason

I started my inventory business back in 2004.   I started by networking through the Chamber and other network groups.  I found Rick at KC Home Inventory to be who i was looking to for good advice in this business.  I am in the Eastbay in Northern California.

I have looked at other inventory businesses but KC beats them by far.  He is honest and very helpful. - Donna

We are so happy and excited to start this business. The kc home inventory start-uo kit makes it easy and I rate it  A plus for professionalism and the way it is setup... - Michael

I owned and operated a decorative concrete company in Texas and did well before I burned out. 
I considered getting back into it, until I found this baby boomer industry in its infancy stages.

I ordered from Rick from KC Home Inventory.  I researched the others extensively, after that KC is the only way I will go.  The competition would have to give me a FREE copy and I would look at it.  But I will say from what I see it fails compared to KC Home Inventory kit - you won't be disappointed. 

Rick @ KC, thanks for the help sir, you are awesome! - Rick H

Just want you to know how much I like your Software and the Home Inventory Business! Your documentation truly improved my learning curve about the business and about insurance!

 Fantastic Support! - Debbie

I was looking for software to aid in tracking all of the client information and provide a professional presentation to the client.  My husband and I spoke with you about a year and a half ago when we purchased the KC Home Inventory Home Inventory Business Start-up Kit.  You were still in the process of developing your software at that time.  I was anxious to get started so I searched the internet to see if I could find Home Inventory Business software.  I came across another company offering software.  Their website is very thorough and even had a demonstration of their software.  Being new to the industry I figured it wouldn't hurt to order their start-up kit as well - the more I could learn the better.  Their software seemed somewhat user friendly but I was disappointed with the report layout and that my client would have to have one of their CD-ROM's to view the inventory and I would have to keep going back to them to purchase additional CDs.  We are excited about the KC Home Inventory Business Software!  The ability to use the same software on either a MAC or PC is wonderful.  Not having to pay excessive fees for additional users is also a bonus.  I would personally like to have the software installed on my server/desktop and laptop, and with yours I can. I also like the fact that I can burn my own software with my company logo to give to my clients rather than advertising for another company. - Laura

Thank you for help in getting my business started and for taking the time to help me personally.

I ordered your start up kit and its great.  I was able to set up and get my business started in no time.  I already have two customers scheduled. - Dave

My business partner (Janet) and I have recently purchased your "Starter Home Inventory Business Package" and we are very pleased with all the helpful information you provide. The content is also very organized and professionally presented. We launched our home inventory business with ease and provided services to paying customers within the first two weeks! Our focus is to: "develop the most effective and efficient home inventory system possible." YOU are the expert in this field and we'd like to learn as much as we can from you. - Irene & Janet

Wow, what a great package!  I am so impressed. I can’t overstate how impressed I am with your materials and I am really excited. - Alison

...Hello there! I just wanted to drop you a line to say that I ordered the KC Home Inventory Business start-up and have serviced our first clients this month. We are finally up and running. I wanted to say thank you for putting together all the information in your book for people like me. ... So thank you, thank you, thank you! I have always wanted to be in business for myself, and enjoy helping people, and this bring both of those together. You have given me that freedom! I wanted to let you know how you have changed my life! Not only mine, but my whole family. My mother is taking care of the finances and the books, and my husband is doing the computer work, but I am the "face" of the company. It is a totally wonderful mix for the three of us and we are all totally excited about it. Sorry to ramble, but I wanted to let you know how you are influencing lives! Again, thank you!!!

So far everything I have reviewed has been VERY helpful. I am able to "move along" with your guidance to set up my own business. I appreciate the detail of everything you have presented! - Sandra

I wanted to let you know that I am ready to start my business.  I am really excited about doing this. I did my own house and it came out really great. I use my own portfolio to show how it looks when it's all done. From the people I have talked to so far, they all think it's a fantastic idea, but never heard of anything like it before. So I am hoping I have found a niche in this area. I have some good potential leads and our local newspaper is going to write about me in the News Brief/ Business section.  Thanks again for the opportunity. - Carol

Wow, I must say I am impressed, very nice. - Robert

We are extremely impressed with the work you've done.  Laurie and I can't wait to get started. - Terry

I received you package and everything looks great. - Larry

Your materials and software been great in helping us get going - Scott and Valerie

I bought your KC home inventory start up and am very excited to be getting a new home inventory business up and running.  I have already been approached about two inventories so I am very excited and working on my practice runs.  Thank you so much, I'm very glad I bought your system and really looking forward to my first inventory! - Jeneva

First off I have to say I am really pleased with what has been sent me. It is very helpful and descriptive in all the areas that I need. I am looking forward to starting the business. - Richard

I received your package, and I have been going through it. I am getting excited about my new small business, and I have lined up some family members and a couple of friends to 'practice' on. Thanks for your help and I hope to be up and running soon.  I think I might get everything ready now, and start taking on clients. - Scott

I wanted to let you know how impressed and pleased I was upon reviewing your professional and thoroughly organized manual. - Clem

Your Home Inventory Business Start-up is highly professional, and I recommend you highly - Paul

What made up my mind, Well for sure your price was lower. The other company's info seemed to stress more on putting the inventory on CDs instead of hard copies printed from the laptop. I like the idea of doing both, so why is their price higher. It seemed I was much more comfortable reading your info. It's really hard to explain. I looked at their demo. Anyway yours appears to be a people friendly program. By the way I am a retired firefighter. - William

I received the package, thanks. My business setup is going good. I am currently getting a logo designed and after that I am planning on getting a website created. I wanted to tell you that all the information and materials I received from you is very helpful and it serves its purpose well. - Robert

Best Home Inventory Software for the Professional on the market! - Joyce

After settling on another program we found that you had to download several patches and updates to try and make it run properly on our system.  After several attempts and not being able to get through by phone we decided that we made a big mistake going with them and a big disappointment.  Our second choice - KC Home Inventory - became the right choice, they even have live people to talk to when you have a problem. - Chris

The Start-Up Kit is very comprehensive, well presented and makes it easy to get started.  The software is fast and easy to use, Thank you! - Kathleen


We invite you to share your review and comments. Contact us.

or leave a post on the Home Inventory Business Forum


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KC Home Inventory is a BBB Accredited Business. Click for the BBB Business Review of this Professional Services - General in Leawood KS

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